With the promise of summer just around the corner, it’s a good time to get your summer wardrobe sorted out.
There are so many styles, colours, and shapes available that it all becomes a bit bewildering!
Here are a few ideas to help. These styles will update your wardrobe and are also flattering for all figure shapes.

Denim and Khaki are great as base colours.  You can accessorize with almost any other colour.  Red details can bring life and brightness to these basic colours.  Turquoise, coral, and pink are also complimentary colours to add. A scarf, bag or bright tee shirt can create a versatile and flattering look.  Have fun and play around with different combinations.

Another look I love is a denim jacket worn over a pretty dress or a soft skirt and tee shirt.  Denim is very big right now and you can find attractive denim shirts, dresses, and skirts. A timeless classic that keeps re-inventing itself!