A Sense of Style – Food

Bring this sense of style to everything in your life including food.   As with clothing and decor food is also part of our everyday life.  It makes sense to take time and care when planning a meal and also how you serve it.
When food is carefully arranged and served with flair it seems to taste so much better!  Think of a good restaurant.  They add a few touches like a sprig of parsley or a swirl of chocolate and suddenly the experience becomes a celebration.   I know that when I go to friends for dinner if the food is served at a beautifully set table and on pretty plates, it makes me feel they really care about me.  Aren’t your family and friends worth that bit of extra attention?

When planning a meal, choose recipes that are visually appealing.  Buy delectable and fresh ingredients as these always have more flavour.  Frozen or pre-packaged ingredients just can’t compete with tasty fresh produce.  There are also many health benefits from eating fresh and if possible organic food.  Your body will respond with vibrant health and energy.

Now….. isn’t that worth considering?

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