Did you wake up this morning feeling blessed to be living on this planet? If not let’s look at some reasons to feel blessed.
The earth hugs us to her bosom with gravity.  Imagine if she gave up on us and let go. We would drift off into the blue yonder and perish.

The oxygen is always waiting for our next inhale, having been cleaned and purified by the trees.  If the trees gave up on us…… How long would we last?

The sun comes up every day to light up our world.  It makes our food grow so we can live.  If the sun gave up on us….. How long would we last? In the words of Hafiz a sufi poet “Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth…”You owe me” Look what happens with a love like that (x2) It lights up the whole sky!”

The rain falls to assist the sun.  Our food grows to feed us. We take that life-giving food and annihilate it, changing it into something else and we call it food.  Our bodies don’t even recognize it as food!

All this happens without any direction from us.  It is Life caring for us with unconditional Love.  Even the most evil and unkind among us are supplied with all we need to live from moment to moment.  Wouldn’t it be a good idea to stop for a few minutes each day and feel gratitude for this essential goodness of life.   This loving kindness that we take so for granted.

Expressing Gratitude is one of the most life enhancing habits to develop.  When we are grateful for what we already have in our lives, it turns what we have into enough, and more.  I highly recommend starting a gratitude journal.  Buy yourself a lovely blank book and each night before you go to bed, list 5 things you are grateful for that day.  They can be simple things like your health, the sunshine, your home or a kind word from someone.  You will find that this daily habit sets in motion an ancient spiritual law:  The more you are grateful for, the more you will be given.  A French proverb reminds us that “Gratitude is the heart’s memory.” Begin this life enhancing principle and you will start to feel a  sense of fullfilment and content.

In doing this we can begin to live our lives in fearlessness.  This is not to say we don’t feel fear at times.  We just become brave warriors who overcome the fear.   Each time we do this, we build our courage.  We feel grounded on this precious earth that holds us so lovingly.

We look up at the sky at night and know the stars will be there.  They don’t desert us.  They twinkle down on the good, the bad and the ugly.  There is no judgement.  We are part of this natural order of Life.  We are their family.  Unlike some human families they will never desert us.  No matter how unkindly we treat them….. and we do

And let us remember this:  Feeling rich is never about how much you have its about how much you are .

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