A Sense of Style

A sense of style. What is it? How do we achieve it?
It’s about adding flair and colour to our everyday lives. Paying attention to detail… It’s about loving your life so much, you want to give it a hug!

Some people are born with style. It seems to ooze out of every pore. My daughter seemed to have come out of the womb wanting to coordinate her nappies! From a very young age… pre-school she insisted on being allowed to choose what to wear. I let her. Today, she steps out with her unique and quirky style and makes people smile. Coco Chanel, the famous fashion designer once said “Fashion fades, only style remains. The good news is: style can be developed. All it takes is a few simple steps.

CLOTHES: Let’s start with our clothes. Every day before you venture out into the world, you have to put clothes on. So why not present your best self? Take the time to excavate who you really are. Open your wardrobe and see if you recognize the person reflected in the clothes hanging there. Is that the authentic you? It takes courage to go against what people expect you to wear. So often I have had people say to me “I wish I could wear that, but I am too old, young, fat, thin etc or people won’t approve. We spend our lives trying to impress people we don’t even know and probably would not even like if we did know them.

Another simple step is to take time once you are dressed to ask yourself “What could I do to add a touch of excitement to this outfit? Add that scarf that mimics a dancing rainbow? Slip on those daffodil inspired yellow sandals? Knot that tie, that has the feeling of the sun glinting on curling waves? Taking the time to ask yourself these questions shows that you care about yourself and others. It’s worth it. You will fee wonderful, confident and happy. You take those feelings and happy energy out into the world with you. It affects everyone you come into contact with. Notice how people smile at you and greet you. You have blessed their day. All it took were those few moments of attention and care.

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