10 Reasons why it rocks to be a fashion designer

There are many reasons that make being a fashion designer an exciting and delightful experience. Here are the ones that rock my world.

1. Making someone happy and excited because you have designed and made the most flattering outfit for them. 2. Expressing yourself through clothes of your own design and making. 3. The absolute joy and satisfaction of transforming a piece of fabric into a beautiful garment and experience that, “Did I really make this?” kind of feeling. 4. The excitement of discovering a new type of fabric. 5. So much to learn – so many styles that you can NEVER get bored.

6. A new look arrives and you manage to master that shape and pattern. 7. The fun element of trying new sewing techniques that you have worked out yourself. 8. Traveling to fashion events and picking up the buzz and inspiration of what other designers are creating. 9. Looking at a piece of beautiful fabric and suddenly getting a clear picture in your mind of the design for it. 10. A challenging pattern that you are drafting suddenly comes together in an unexpected way…..Whoopee!

One thing I truly love about being a fashion designer: YOU WILL NEVER BE BORED!